Selling A Home

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Selling A Home in Rock Springs WY

Choosing your real estate professional is, perhaps, the most important decision you will make when selling property. We believe the more you look around, the more you will see the value of working with us.

Seller Tips

Make first impressions count.   Without a doubt, a visually appealing house will attract buyers, who can't help but respond to the look and "feel" of a home. Take time to carefully prepare for showings. Don't forget the following:

• Cut the grass
• Remove any clutter from the yard
• Trim hedges
• Weed gardens
• Wash steps, windows, railings, doors, etc
• Paint if needed
• Remove unnecessary clutter from garages

Scrub, dust and fix up the works.  Buyers will notice details. Get rid of the clutter, repair leaky faucets, wage war on dust and clean until your home shines. Small things can make a potential buyer walk away. When you prepare your house for showing, remember to:

• Shampoo carpets
• Clean tubs, toilets and showers and hang fresh towels
• Oil squeaky doors
• Fix things like broken hinges and light switches 

Listen to suggestions.   As you prepare your home, don't rely solely on your own judgement. It's hard to be objective when you're the owner. Your realtor will have helpful, professional tips on how to make your home more marketable.

Take a whiff.  Nothing will turn a buyer away faster than an odd smell. Try to eliminate smoking, food and pet odors. And don't leave any clues. If potential buyers see a dog or an ashtray, they'll be on the lookout for smells and stains.

Turn on the lights. Open shades and draperies before a viewing. Open all doors inside home. Turn on inside and outside lights.

Let potential buyers "see" themselves in your home. Too many personal items can make viewers feel like they're intruding in someone else's home. Keep things clean and simple. Decorate in neutral colors.

Get out of the house. When buyers view your home, they'll be more comfortable and spend more time if you're not there. If you must be present, be as unobtrusive as possible. Let your agent do the work.

Stay unemotional during negotiations.   Selling your home can be emotionally charged, but don't let that stand in the way of making a deal. Have a business-like attitude during the process.

Choose a Real Estate Professional you like and trust.

1. Rushing on the price

Take your time when you're setting the asking price of your home. This is a crucial step that shouldn't be rushed. It's a tricky thing, and pricing too high is just as dangerous as pricing too low.

The average buyer often looks at more than a dozen homes before making a decision. That means buyers have the advantage of comparison shopping. You'll want to be the best home in your price range, as those homes sell first. Work with your agent to set the very best asking price.

2. Thinking first impressions don't matter

First impressions count in a big way! If a seller hasn't taken time to clean his house, he may lose the sale before a walk-through even begins.

Buyers can't help but respond to your home emotionally. It the house is messy or there's a strange smell coming from behind a closed door, they'll likely make a quick exit and look for another home.

It may take some elbow grease on your part, but any effort you invest into preparing your home will pay off in the long run. These quick and simple steps will help you spruce up in no time.

On the outside:
• Cut and edge your grass
• Remove any clutter from your yard
• Trim hedges
• Weed gardens
• Wash steps, windows, railings, doors, etc
• Paint if needed, especially the front door
• Remove unnecessary clutter from garages

And inside:
• Keep the home clean
• Shampoo carpets
• Clean tubs, toilets and showers and hang fresh towels
• Oil squeaky doors
• Turn on inside and outside lights for showings
• Make sure the house smells good
• Keep pets in separate area or remove from home for showings
• Open shades and draperies.  Stylish drapes/curtains are a cheap and effective way to freshen up a room.
• Open all doors inside home.

When buyers preview your home, they're more comfortable and will spend more time when you're not around. This would be a good time to run those errands or walk the dog.

3. Keeping a low profile

It's a competitive market out there, and this isn't the time for you — or your real estate agent — to become a shrinking violet. You want someone who will shout your home's praises from the rooftops (figuratively, of course)! Make sure your agent takes full advantage of all the marketing tools he or she can.

The majority of homebuyers start their search on the Internet. Is your agent taking advantage of that technology? Does your agent have a website? Can potential buyers easily find your home listed in a search and find feature? Once they do, is it easy to contact your realtor for information? Does your realtor list enough detailed information about your home? Buyers are often impatient and won't take kindly to waiting for a realtor to call back with information. They want to access facts about your home quickly and easily — or they might move on.

4. Breezing through the contract

Don't make the mistake of taking the contract lightly. Protect yourself and go over it with a fine-tooth comb. It's important that all of the costs, terms and responsibilities are included.

Have you disclosed everything about your home? Share all known defects with your buyer in writing. It will protect you if they later become dissatisfied.

5. Choosing the wrong realtor

This is the time for you, the seller, to shop around. You'll spend a lot of time with the real estate agent you choose, so make sure he or she is someone you enjoy being around and can trust.

Ask lots of questions. Are your communication styles similar? Do your schedules mesh? Is there an easy way to contact the agent? Is he or she someone others have recommended? Does she know the local area and the housing market? What are the agent's marketing strategies?

Take your time and find a realtor you enjoy and trust.