Mary's Testimonials


"Thank you for all of your hard work to get our family into our new home!  We appreciated it so much!"

-Taylor & Chance Cowgar

"The aerial photography was great as well as the large number of pictures she put online to help sell my home!"

-Sue Levitt

"Appreciate single picture ad in newspaper, and contacting me when there was a showing. 5 stars."

- Christine E. Faigl

"Go Team! Your knowledge & Expertise was why we came to you, so glad that we came to you Mary! I left a review on Google."

- Bryan Poulter

"Mary was amazing!  I wouldn't have been able to sell my house had I picked another REALTOR®.  She helped me avoid so many pitfalls.  She negotiated with my contractors so there was much less out of pocked money for the fix ups that needed to happen."

- Wendy Hatch

"Everyone in the office was so helpful! Sometimes I needed Mary to meet me at the house. She always accommodated me!"

- Tippy Householder

"After thinking this home was just a long lost dream - you made it happen for us!! Appreciated all help in getting our house ready - prepping - to phone calls - dealing on price - all were considerate and so helpful!

- Wade & Kayleen Wollman

"Flexibility was a huge factor, we appreciate having the flexibility from Mary! We were glad we knew Mary was on our side -  made all transactions easy!"

-Dusty & Kelly Druce

"You nailed the correct listing price, along with what the buyer would offer. All your predictions were well founded & thus it sold quickly!" 

-Max Lockett


          "Mary was professional, but also fun and energetic. Thanks for working a deal with 1 d.o.m. while we were about to have the baby! :) LOL!"

                                                                                                                                                                     -Louis & Lacey Prince

"Buying our first home could have been very overwhelming but with Mary, she helped us find the right path in the best way possible. The moment we realized we had just bought our first home and had the best in the biz to thank for it"

-Michael & April Dockter-Newlon

"Mary- you are an EXCELLENT realtor who took us through the home- selling process as easily as anyone possibly could. Your knowledge of the market is unmatched. THANK YOU!"

- Scott & Jennifer Shields

"During the sale, Mary asked me to call her if we needed anything in Rock Springs, as we were living in Fort Collins. She volunteered to help with any local arrangements needed to make our move as pain-free as possible. She even had our house cleaned the day before move-in."

- Rick Peters

"It was interesting to just drive around Rock Springs and tour homes - Mary and I had a good time just talking and narrowing down what we wanted in a house."

-David and Cheryl Liu

"Our most memorable moment is when Mary handed us the keys to our first home."

-Josh and Britney Meduna

"Loved sitting down with you to visit of what our options were for the future. Loved your energy! Wish you the very best! We look forward to giving you business again."

-Derek and Cindy Tremelling

"We absolutely loved working with Mary. We have had some really terrible realtor experiences and this was not one of them!"

-David and Cheri Gibbons

"Mary is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to both buying and selling a home. Mary was very cooperative plus she explained the entire process every step of the way. Mary will tell you everything good or bad plus give you the value of her experience. Mary is the one you want when buying or selling a home.. or both." 

- Bill Accord and Becky Tanner

"My most memorable moment during this transaction was Mary always had time to discuss projects thoroughly, even if it was late at night, until i was completely satisfied."

- Josh Batchelor


"You were very true to your word! You are very honorable, friendly and honest person. You listen, are up beat and positive. You truly are an outstanding person and realtor."

- David and Sandy Blanchard

"Our most memorable moment during this transaction was the closet within a closet within a closet home. Great laughs."

- Jeff and Kellilyn Johnson


"There is no other realtor in Sweetwater County I would even consider using. She went above and beyond to help upkeep the home looking great. She shoveled snow, replaced light bulbs, spread mulch and treated our home as if it were her own."

- Tami and Kevin Hawk


"Our most memorable moment during the transaction was when Mary was out taking pictures in the dead of winter - running back and forth in the horse corrals! Not sure if any other realtor would have done that."

- Ron and Deb Sundberg


"This experience has been paramount. We have undergone 3 major projects . . . Las Vegas, Chicago and now Rock Springs. Mary has made a favorite impression and experience. Highly recommend to ALL!"

- Brandon and Marissa Mack 


"Our most memorable moment during the transaction was calling Mary Friday and seeing the house that same day. Taking her Saturday to help us make an offer. We would not have got this house without Mary's expertise."

- Patty and Don O'Lexey

"Our most memorable moment during this transaction was when I got the check"

- Sean and Alyssa Senstock


"Our house sold in 1.5 days! Mary is the most amazing realtor we have ever had. She made the entire process pain free and actually fun!"

- Jana and Dan McCarron


"Again thank you for all your help!" "Out most memorable moment was all the great help and care that you took into finding us the perfect home! Such a great experience"

- Nicole Laughery

"Thank you so much for everything! Home buying (even as frustrating as the foreclosure process was) has never been more fun thanks to you!"

-Jayme and Brent Williams


"Loved the fact she was always willing to go back to a place if we wanted to see it again. Very sweet woman who genuinely cares about the buyers"

-Daniel Vande Vaeegaete


"Excellent response time to calls. Provided every detail possible to each location" "Our most memorable moment during this transactions was following the leaders at a house"

- Karen and Tom Robinson

"Fantastic! Awesome! Knowledgeable! Honest! Friendly! and Cheerful! Mary is SO much more than a realtor, she is your friend. We would recommend her to everyone who is buying or selling a home. She makes buying a home a great experience."

-Jared and Tina O'Neil

"Thank you for selling our home and making it a wonderful experience!"

-John and Tammy Hershberger

 "Detailed, excellent communication and honest. Mary took the worry out for us as a seller and let us just relax and enjoy the process."

-Alex and Anna Winn

 "Mary was very straight forward with the "facts" of the market which resulted in a quick sale. Very trust worthy. I would highly recommend!"

-Charlie and Linda Simmons

 "Fantastic! Always returned calls, very upbeat and positive, was always willing to help, honest, knowledgeable of market and sincere. We would highly, highly recommend to everyone!"

-Rebecca and Robert Cannon

"Mary was fantastic to work with and by far the best realtor I have ever worked with. I would recommend her to anyone!"

                                                      -Jessie Blair

"Mary is AWESOME!, so professional and efficient. We knew she always had our best interests in mind. We couldn't have been happier with her as our realtor." 

-Jamie Keys & Robert Keys

"Mary and her team has assisted us with 2 home purchases over the last 2 years. Both had unique issues that HCR's team dealt with in a professional manner; cutting through the "red tape" that other Realtors/ groups might have problems with. Mary's team ROCKS!"  

-Dj  & Robin Wellhouse

"Mary is motivated, friendly and trustworthy. We enjoyed working with her when we were buying and selling our home. Thank you Mary!'

-Zachary Wilbur

 "Our most memorable moment  was wehn we got to see the house for the first time, even though it was not on the list of houses for the day!"

-Chris & Bryttnee McCurdy


"Mary is a friend - I would trust her to sell me a used car!"  "Mary knows what will sell"

-Gary Bourrette 


 "Very Comfortable - Mary made it a point to take panoramic pictures of the property."              

- Amy & John Ruhs

" Mary was very patient with our request to see many homes and as we changed our plan multiple times."

- Janae Shamo

"I had explained to Mary that Jody disliked Realtors - after he met Mary he said, " she's the first Realtor that I can say I like!"    - Thank you Mary!

- Jody & Melba Schrock


"Our most memorable moment was our last walk through and knowing the home was ours while discussing Mary coming and seeing the new kitchen!"

- Mathew & Samantha Gardner

 "Your outstanding professionalism and enthusiasm during the entire sell of my property was excellent.  Thank you for the wonderful job and attention to details." 

- J A Bundy

"Mary went more than 100% to get great coverage of our house, we knew from the get go what to expect. I believe we have a life long friend.Best experience selling a piece of your life. I know Dave and I made a great friend."

-David and Julie Robinson