Emily Lopez's Testimonials

Emily Lopez Testimonials

"Emily was amazing!  Knowledgeable, patient and responsive.  Emily was laid back & so much for to chat with!"

-Clinton Baker & Jennifer Forbes

"Emily gave us an honest opinion and helpful suggestions.  She has a contractors viewpoint which was very solution oriented.  Just an overall helpful person.  I loved that she had suggestions for tradesmen that she had used in the past.  New in the community you have no idea who the tradesmen are, so we asked her! Personal experience is wonderful.  If we could give her more than 5 stars we would have!"

-Brent & Eileen Liebert

"Emily's background experience & contractor skills were a great resource to us!  She assisted us every step of the way and went above and beyond to make selling our home easy!  Also, she was great with our little kids & helped make signing all the papers fun for them! They loved seeing her as we worked through this big change. Thank you Emily, and thank you High Country Realty!

-Joshua & Mary Carris

"Emily, you did such a fantastic job communicating between both parties. Great Job!"

-Brandon & Danielle Forbush

"Emily has self drive to help her clients. She was very knowledgeable and honest. We liked the fact that she knew construction terms & would look at things from our point of view. She even carried our baby on one occasion! We have already recommended Emily!"

-Lance & Kelly Ball

"We were beyond pleased with Emily & would recommend her to anyone!"

- Andrew & Elizabeth Frye

"Emily never gave up on us!  She is an amazing agent and we would refer her to anyone. She put in 110% and we couldn't have found our house without her!  Thank you Emily!"

-Jacob & Amy Cobia

"We never felt rushed!  She helped us find the kitchen of our dreams!"

                                                                                                                -Matt & Shauna Weber

"Emily was always available for us, she answered all questions after every showing, It was like hanging out with a good friend before a big important moment!"

-Casey & Kimber Cutler